Understanding Global Change Science:

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding global change using the social and bio-physical sciences

The overarching goal of CGCEO is to contribute to the understanding of the interrelations among human, land, and climate systems in an international context, as reflected in MSU’s Boldness by Design. Building on existing strength in interdisciplinary approaches to understand the social processes, land use and land cover patterns and processes, and environmental impacts and responses at regional to global scales, the Center addresses the following key science questions:

How are social processes altering and impacting global environmental dynamics? How do these changes, in turn, respond to and affect land and human systems?

The research activities at the Center address the following themes:

Agricultural and Rangeland Research

Coupled Natural and Human Systems (CNH) and Urbanization Research

Geospatial and Modeling Research

Global Mapping

Center Labs and Working groups