Dr. Raffaele Lafortezza

Raffaele  Lafortezza
  • Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
  • Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Bari, Italy


Raffaele Lafortezza is an Associate Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. His research interests are interdisciplinary in nature and relate to the assessment of driving forces, interactions, and feedback mechanisms that underly ecosystem dynamics at multiple spatial and temporal scales. He seeks to further explore the impact of human activity on ecosystems (i.e., coupled human and natural systems) and to develop novel design concepts and tools for the regeneration of urban areas through nature-based solutions. His research increasingly involves the development and use of remote sensing tools, including satellite images and laser scanning data (LiDAR), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), multivariate statistical techniques and process-based models accounting for uncertainty, and working in a multi-disciplinary setting. During the past 18 years, he has acquired considerable knowledge and experience in global change issues, including sustainable urbanization and nature-based solutions, by coordinating a wide range of large-scale projects funded by various organizations worldwide, for example: CLEARING HOUSE (EU-Funded Horizon 2020), GREEN SURGE (EU-funded, FP7-ENV-2013-2017), MiMOSE (FIRB 2013-2016), BIO-FRAG (UNEP-WCMC, 2007-2009), INTERFACE (British Council, 2005-2007). He has authored and co-authored more than 120 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, including two books on landscape ecology and GIS modeling. He is the Associate Editor of the following scientific journals: “Urban Forestry & Urban Greening” (Elsevier), “Landscape Ecology” (Springer), and “Ecological Processes” (Springer).